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An early flood warning system typically monitors rainfall and water levels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During a flood, it allows emergency managers and other key responders to most effectively communicate a response and, if issued well before an event, enable people to protect property and infrastructure.
Probabilistic forecasts provide a range of possible forecast outcomes that indicate the probability or chance of a flood occurring.
ISIS is currently used as a flood forecasting solution for government bodies in six countries. It is well-suited to flood-forecasting due to its short run times and model stability, whilst still retaining full hydrodynamic capability and extensive range of hydraulic structures.
We will be holding the ‘Flood Forecasting in Early Warning Systems’ webinar on 1st May 2014 at 10:00 (BST) and 13:00 (EDT). The free 30 minute webinar (20 minutes plus questions from the audience) will discuss the use of river models within early warning systems for flood forecasting. This webinar will be useful for those involved in development of early warning systems in which flood forecasting is a key component.
The industry leading ISIS 1D solver can be linked to BMT WBM's TUFLOW software, utilising the well established ISIS-TUFLOW-PIPE Link. As UK agents for TUFLOW, CH2M HILL can provide your preferred 1D-2D solution, including local technical support at no extra cost.
This month, we explain how to find out basic, yet critical, information about an ISIS model. This is important for new users, to give a brief overview of what the model contains.
We have introduced a more flexible pricing structure which is available in GBP, EURO and USD. We publish our prices so that you know what you will be paying today and tomorrow.
In December, Dr. Konrad Adams, lead developer for ISIS, introduced the new tools and features available (release notes) as part of ISIS v3.7.
On Thursday 13th March we will be hosting the latest webinar which introduces Integrated 1D-2D Embankment/Levee Breach Modelling using ISIS. Breach modelling analysis assesses the velocity, rate of inundation and depth of flood water anticipated which can determine if a development is safe or not. 
A fluvial flood mapping study for the Grand River watershed, Southern Ontario, Canada was carried out using ISIS. The aim of the study was primarily to produce fluvial flood outlines and flood depths that can provide a better understanding of flood risk and property damages.
ISIS 1D was used to support a four mile canal restoration project on the Cotswold Canals through Stroud. The software was applied to the section due to the complexities within the channel as it is designated "main river" and has three significant feeder streams, all of which are important ecological habitats. 

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